In French & Spanish Basque Country


your senses, presence & appreciation
and maximize your personal and professional life
to live a masterpiece of a life you love!

In today’s fast-paced, distraction addicted and contradicting priorities modern world, there is no inner personal skill more important than self-managing your ability to be, do and live in the present.

So you can appreciate your life.
And master activating your strengths.

Your engaged commitment to managing with focus your energy, attention and state is the skill that will enable you to live both a life you love, and to love the life you lead. Everyday.

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AGE is “sensorial” from start to finish – your sense of feeling alive, energized, clear on who you are and where you are today. Your direction and decisions, connections and abundance.


My tools are your palate and natural five senses. Your freed up innate creativity and embodied expression. Your natural strengths and instincts, the mountains and the ocean, Spain and France…


This three-day retreat will re-connect and amplify your innate masterful foundation of your connection and relationship with yourself, with others and your work by unleashing your best natural skills and allowing them to expand to their highest and most consistent potential. A new level of normal.

For entrepreneurs and independent professionals, small business owners, transitioning executives, coaches, consultants, trainers and mentors, artists, performers, creators & originators.


My trainings, workshops and experiences are attended by fascinating people of all walks of life, sharing a desire for deeper meaning and connections to amplify the quality of their lives.



Radically expand your optimism, appreciation and fulfillment

Live an abundant energized joyful feeling life

Find clarity and confidence to live life your way

Create & grow deep, meaningful, generous relationships

Refresh, revitalise your senses, body, mind and soul

Learn to experience true fulfillment, and live in excellence

Resilient empowerment at decisional crossroads

To those living an original creative unique life of independence and high achievements.


While relentlessly creating and choosing a life that doesn’t ruin yourself, your relationships or your work. Au contraire, to live an empowered life of pleasure and meaning, contributing your unique talents into the world, and living in abundance.


Its fun and tasty, it’s surprising and empowering, it is simply life charging AND changing. The best thing you can do to invest in your life today!

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Connect with your all your senses more enrichingly, to fine tune your mindfulness and appreciation for life.


To feel and trust your instincts and emotions messages

Your own direct experience of life. To resiliently, spontaneously shift your energy and states in service of keeping you on track with your life and work.


To lead as a meaning maker & perspective creator

No matter what circumstances life offers you. What makes a masterpiece of a life for you, and what your role is in activating your best life strategy.

David simply loves people, and passionately wants them to learn to love and master their lives.


A Super Connector and community maker of diverse amazing caring people, in 2015, he created his bespoke live Sensorial Experience Day events (SED) which he has hosted in Paris, France; Los Angeles and San Diego, California; Boulder, Colorado and Austin, Texas.


His transformational work colorfully fuses his passions: fine food/cooking; people & their strengths; epic generous relationships; live performances and experiences.


Learn more about David’s path and why here.



We kick off with panache by introducing you to Alivefulness™ jumping right into a sensorial experience afternoon of awakening and amplifying our self-awareness, generosity with others, and in experiencing through our five senses a most amazing way to re-connect with everyone and everything in HD.


We leave the hotel for a special setting to immersively connect and celebratewith each other, expanding our individual and collective abilities for maximum abundant growth, sharing and energizing for the rest of the retreat.


This day includes group teachings and training by me, and the contribution of generous live performance artists, experiential and healing professionals as an integral ingredient to the sensorial experiences – this day will be more fun, moving, connective and energizing than you may have had in a long time.


Today we will “feel more alive” in all senses of the phrase than ever before.

We soar together! We instantaneously learn to enjoyably stretch ourselves to taste our various forms of intelligence and humanity.


The sublime culinary elements of this day (the whole retreat!) will be world-class, as we are known for this key master theme running through our experiences.



Today we go on a stunning Pyrenees mountain hike, walking our talk, on the natural border between France and Spain.


Amidst the wild horses, free roaming herding sheep, the majestic elevated scenic nature views and the insanely pure air, I teach you my methods in how to smell the flowers of life, to develop your senses to serve you in living a more abundant, wealthy, beautiful feeling life. Our wisdom walk includes a light gourmet picnic, ending of course with the world’s best Basque Cake (Gateau Basque)!


We will pass through some of the most iconic inland Basque villages, including Saint-Jean-Pieds-de-Port, Espelette…


Expect deep visualization, meditative and experiential exercises conceived to release and manage your appreciation for yourself, your life, for life itself. And how to uniquely express and externalize your love of life, so others in your life can benefit too.




The soothing gorgeous beach and waves of Saint Jean de Luz will host us today as you get to share premium one on one connection focused on what and who you want in your life, what you need to get there, and who can support you on your ambitious path.


A fantastic gourmet culinary lunch with local Basque products & ingredients, food for thought toasts, stories, talks- including yours!


We will be leaning in to the collective power of relationships, of community in groups of two, three and everyone together.


I will be sharing my strategies on relationship creating and cultivating, the co-building block to truly transforming your life. And on how to create more resilient energy, vitality, joy and abundance in your high performance life.


We will offer a hotseat experience of live coaching or the opportunity to receive laser focused caring community support.


Today we simplify, clarify, harmonize and strategize your activation on progressing your life materially toward your most desired daily experiences and feelings.


We wind down the retreat in anchoring a fresh you, with a sensorial appreciation ritual for ourselves, and one another.

The 4-star hotel La Reserve in Saint-Jean-de-Luz welcomes you in a true setting of privacy, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.


With a spectacular clifftop setting, this charming hotel benefits from a breathtaking panorama where sea spray and salty breezes floating in from the ocean provide a soothing lull for romantic and adventuresome souls.


Guests experience rooms each with their own unique design, while the sites 3 hectares provides the beautiful landscape of the site, with gardens overhanging to the sea and breathtaking view on the beautiful bay of Saint-Jean-de-Luz.


2-Night Single, Double, or Shared Four Star Hotel Room

High-Quality Foods, Meals + Drinks Included (Fri lunch to Sun lunch)

Stunning Outdoor & Village Experiences

Personal interaction with David throughout the weekend

Unexpected surprises

An opportunity to have an enormous impact on and in your life, and to develop empowering lasting relationships. To become part of a generous supportive community of fantastic growth-oriented reliable people.



Pointe Sainte Barbe, 1 Avenue Gaëtan Bernoville,

64500 Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France


Tel +33 5 59 51 32 00


apply to enroll & join us

As with all our experiences, we request you apply to attend to insure that everyone participating is really ready, engaged and excited to get the most out of this immersive tasty retreat by giving the most into it.


That everyone’s intentions are generous and receiving, open and curious, adventuresome. The power of this experience, and it’s enduring involvement in people’s lives after, lies in the quality, and variety, of the people attending, as much as in the teachings.

Do I need to have any experience with David or his teachings?

No, this training and experience is open to people from all walks of life with the right intentions, so you don’t have to have met David before.

Do I need to stay at the resort?

Yes, because we have arranged an amazing all-inclusive rate package,
and its more time-effective and cohesive for us to all be located together.

Can I break the payment into 3 months?

Yes, we can work with you on that. Please contact us.

Who else is attending or contributing to the experience?

We are accustomed to leaving that until you discover it with surprise LIVE, by yourself, at AGE.

Also as a stretch experience, not knowing everything that is going to happen is part of joining this unforgettable unique experience, and is one of the aspects that so many have said was a highlight of attending!

Can I speak to David more about the retreat?

Yes, of course. We please ask that you first fill out the Apply to Attend form below, so that we can look at setting up a call for you with David.

What is the investment in myself to attend?

€1,797 TTC (VAT included) per person.


Paris, London, Brussels, Luxembourg, Dublin, Geneva, Copenhagen, Strasbourg, Stockholm, Marseille, Madrid, Lyon, Lille, Southampton…

[Flights are currently available roundtrip from 120€ to 200€ from Paris, 75£ to 200£ from London]


Saint-Jean-de-Luz train station: 1.8 kms from La Reserve


A63 exit Saint-Jean-de-Luz Nord (N°3) then follow the direction of Saint-Jean-de-Luz center (N°10). After the small bridge that goes over the railroad track, take the 2nd exit on the roundabout (avenue de l’Océan) and continue straight on until you reach the hotel.


La Reserve is located just 20 minutes from the Biarritz Airport (10KMS / 6 Miles ): http://biarritz.aeroport.fr/en/

The hotel staff are absolutely lovely and speak French, English, German and Spanish.


Due to the demand of this retreat and the limited spaces, all refunds must be requested in writing.

Full refunds minus $300.00 for requests made up to 30 days prior to the event. No refunds thirty (30) days before the start of the event, so after September 27th, 2017.

No refund requests will be honored post-retreat.

APPLY TO ATTEND – Kind thanks for sending us your replies so we may contact you to discuss attending.

We will be in contact shortly to follow up with you, to make sure this experience is right for you, and you for it!